Training & Awareness


Our Training & Awareness Services has been delivering training to organizations for over 13 years by focusing on delivering high quality, real-world, hands-on, expert instruction.

Our Security Training Services program gives your organization professionals the tools to implement critical security and compliance solutions, and teach your workforces how to practice effective security habits and best practices. Our courses help organizations create a secure environment that addresses both the IT and human segments of their organization.

Our trainers deliver flexible and customizable training that fulfills the specific security training needs of your organization. Our trainers don't teach straight from the book, they customize their courses to fit your organization's security paradigm.

Our instructors are experts in compliance training, large application architectures, database development, and network security. They possess real-world experience and are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge training that provides employees with the knowledge needed to build bulletproof security programs which support business objectives.

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